Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Of course! You're not tied into any sort of contract by signing up. Although we'd be sad to see you go! We recommend staying for 3 months minimum to reap the full benefits. Just log in to your account and your membership will be cancelled at the end of your chosen period.

Do I have to be London based?

No, you can be based literally anywhere in the world! Our digital member plan is for those people who can't make it down to London for events or co-working days.

Do I have to be self-employed to join?

No! Whether you're thinking to go self-employed or just want to be part of a supportive community for working women, you're more than welcome to join.

What are the members like?

Amazing, supportive women who are all in the same boat and want to be part of something that helps them feel like they're not alone.

Can I upgrade or change my membership plan?

You can do this at any point by logging into your account and going to payment plans. You can then switch to another membership option that's right for you.

How does payment work?

Your first payment will be taken when you join and then will be taken via direct debit each month after that.