a community membership.

Self-Made Club is the perfect way to tap into this supportive community, without actually having to be a co-working member. We created this new inclusive collective to make sure everyone reaps the benefits of our platform - no matter where you live or what your work life looks like.

a space for women.

Self-employed life is great. But when you’re running your own business, barely leave the house and consider your Netflix subscription your best mate, it can also feel pretty isolating. We originally created The Work Club to combat this - a place where like-minded women come together to bounce fresh ideas around, hold each other accountable and bond over the highs and lows of freelance life.


Self-Made Club is home to plenty of resources, workshops and business help - as well as the invaluable opportunity to connect with lots of incredible women in the same boat. We’ll have monthly live workshops led by industry experts, honing in on different aspects of running a business.

We also understand how daunting (and awkward) networking events can be - so our events will be a mixture of relaxed meet-ups and motivational mastermind sessions.

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about me.

I'm Seyda. A fellow self-employed gal and founder of female focused co-working space, The Work Club.

I left my job and went freelance 4 years ago and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I never made a business plan and generally just didn't know much about running a business.

I wished I had some kind of support group in those early days so it didn't feel so isolating. The Work Club made me realise how valuable it is to be surrounded by like-minded women and I wanted to be able to offer that support and educational resources to more women who need it through our sister membership, Self-Made Club.

I hope this membership empowers you to start that business you've been dreaming about or to keep going when you're feeling self-doubt, and anywhere in between - we got this.